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GTA Online players warned against overwriting old characters

Users who previously created a character in Grand Theft Auto Online but now only see an empty character selection screen when entering the game should not create a new character within that slot, Rockstar warns in a new update on its official webpage.

Users are asked to back out into Grand Theft Auto 5's story mode and then attempt to re-enter GTA Online through the pause menu. If you receive the message "Rockstar cloud servers are unavailable" then players are asked to repeat the steps above. The post warns that pressing "Retry" on the message may lead to overwriting your existing character.

According to a post online, a Rockstar representative noted that during a cloud outage characters are not deleted.

"In other words, your character slots will be blank during a cloud outage but your characters have not been deleted," reads the post.

To ensure characters are saved, Rockstar recommends users do not log into GTA Online when servers are unavailable. Likewise, if services are back up while players are on a temporary character, that character will not be saved. Users will need to return to Single Player and re-enter GTA Online to load non-temporary characters.

The post also warns users not to use the "retry" button after receiving the message "Rockstar cloud servers are unavailable" as it can result in loss of character data.

Rockstar asks that users pause the game and choose to return to single player when exiting GTA Online in order to trigger a save. The company will be issuing a title update "as soon as possible," according to the post.

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