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Ouya boasts more than 25,000 registered developers

The Ouya Android microconsole boasts a roster of more than 25,000 developers signed up to create content for the hardware, the company announced today.

Ouya's Discover store, which houses the console's downloadable content, now includes 466 titles and apps. The most recent additions to the Ouya catalogue include 2013 IGF finalist Santa Ragione's MirrorMoon, Sneaky Games' Arena of Heroes and Pixeljams's Potato Man Seeks the Troof.

The Ouya launched at retail this past June, while Kickstarter backers received their units in March. The console retails for $99 and comes packaged with one controller, with additional controllers for multiplayer games like TowerFall available for $49 each.

The Ouya's launched was plagued with some issues: Kickstarter backers didn't receive their units at the promised time due to shipping errors, and the $1 million Free the Games Fund launched to create more Ouya exclusives became a bit of a mess when Kickstarter projects involved in the Fund were accused of fraud.

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