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How FuturLab strove to make PS Mini title Velocity 2X 'desirable' on PS4

Developer FuturLab shared their Eurogamer Expo talk on the PlayStation Blog detailing how they made their PS Mini game, Velocity 2X, "desirable" as a PlayStation 4 title.

Velocity 2X builds on FuturLab's PS Vita game Velocity Ultra, tweaking it into a side-scrolling platformer and allowing players to "run around on foot" rather than stick to the cockpit of their spaceships. Moving on foot means players have to be a little more resourceful when moving, such as throwing small teleporters to reach high ledges and objects. FuturLab also revealed a new enemy in their talk, the Vokh, which are huge and come equipped with hard-to-break shields.

Velocity 2X is currently in pre-alpha, and the post on the PlayStation Blog by FuturLab managing director James Marsden notes "there's still a lot of work to do," but the team is happy with the direction the game is going in.

Based on player feedback, FuturLab has also made several tweaks to Velocity 2X's gameplay such as making telepods easier to throw and removing the lives system, allowing players more freedom to make and learn from mistakes. Dying results in less gold medals earned, however, which Marsden notes is "punishment enough."

Check out the video above for FuturLab's full talk from the Eurogamer Expo last month for Velocity 2X.

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