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Proteus PS3, Vita version adds 'new ways to engage' with the world

The PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita versions of Ed Key and David Kanaga's audio-visual exploration game, Proteus, will feature "new ways to engage with — and remix — the world," Key announced via the PlayStation Blog.

In Proteus, players explore a strange, procedurally generated island from a first-person perspective. The PlayStation Vita version will feature the option to generate an island based geographical location, Key wrote. Additionally, PS3 and PS Vita players will be able to generate islands for current dates.

"Both features have a chance of generating an especially ‘wild' island with various tweaks and twists," Key wrote. "The island at my house, for example, has a weird purple sea, green sky in the evening and some pleasant (but still very purple) inland lakes."

Proteus launched for Windows PC and Mac in January. Publisher Curve Studios announced the PS3 and PS Vita ports in July. The game will be a cross-buy title, meaning customers get both versions of the game with one purchase.

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