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Jane Jensen remaking Gabriel Knight: Sins of the Fathers in 2014

Game designer Jane Jensen is remaking Gabriel Knight: Sins of the Fathers with a 20th Anniversary Edition scheduled for release in mid-2014 on Windows PC, Mac, iPad and Android, she announced today on Twitter.

The classic point-and-click adventure game, which Jensen originally developed at Sierra OnLine, was released in December 1993 on Windows, Mac and MS-DOS. She and her indie studio, Pinkerton Road, are partnering with Activision — which, as the former parent company of the now-defunct Sierra, owns the Gabriel Knight rights — for the 20th Anniversary Edition.

"My indie studio, Pinkerton Road, is licensing the game from Activision and developing it ourselves. We're not crowdfunding the project," said Jensen in an interview with Side Mission. The Sins of the Fathers remake will feature updated art and high-definition graphics but will remain a 2D adventure game, although Pinkerton Road is tweaking the gameplay for the iPad version.

"We really felt Sins of the Fathers needed to stay true to the original story and gameplay, both for reasons of nostalgia but also because it worked," said Jensen. "We are adding in a few new things here and there, but I wanted the original to be fully represented."

Jensen hopes the remake will "relaunch and rejuvenate the series"

Unfortunately, the game's voice acting, which featured Hollywood actors such as Tim Curry, won't appear in the remake — Jensen told Side Mission that the original audio files aren't available, and they were "pretty compressed" anyway. In addition, it would have been too expensive to re-hire the actors 20 years later. The remake's voice acting will be done by Bay Area Sound, and Pinkerton Road is also including a re-recorded version of Sins of the Fathers' original score.

Jensen added that Pinkerton Road's existing agreement with Activision is only for the first Gabriel Knight game, but said she hopes the 20th Anniversary Edition will be successful enough to convince the publisher to "relaunch and rejuvenate the series" and "persuade Activision to allow us to do a new [Gabriel Knight] game."

You can see six screenshots of Gabriel Knight: Sins of the Fathers - 20th Anniversary Edition below.

Update: The 20th Anniversary Edition will also be released on Android, according to a press release from Pinkerton Road. And the studio has now released multiple screenshots of the game. We've edited the story above to reflect this. Pinkerton Road also released a re-recorded version of the game's main theme; you can listen to it below.

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