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Rantmedia Games teases comeback of retro console ColecoVision

Mobile developer Rantmedia Games is teasing the return of retro gaming console ColecoVision via a website countdown.

Rantmedia, a company that proclaims itself as "rather fond of retro," is the team behind Vectrex Regeneration, an iOS emulator of the Vectrex console. ColecoVision shares a few similarities to Vectrex. Released in 1982, the console played ROM cartridges. The system saw almost 145 games total during its lifetime — a three-year run that ended in 1985.

The site,, reads "Get Retrospective. ColecoVision is Coming Back." According to the counter, less than a day remains until the reveal. We've emailed Rantmedia for comment and will update accordingly.

Rantmedia also developed Super Gravity Boy, Horsey Horse and Santa's Sleigh Ride.

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