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Might and Magic X Legacy receives first update, four new classes

The first official update for Might and Magic X Legacy, Limbic Entertainment's first person role playing game, is now available via Steam's Early Access, ushering in a bevy of new updates, fixes and four new classes.

The new classes include the Dwarf Scout, Druid, Mercenary and Orc Shaman. The crossbow-loving Scouts feature high vitality and arcane resistance. Druids favor earth, water and prime magic and can reach the biggest mana capacity of all classes. The only class able to reach Grand Master Rank of the Arcane Discipline Skill, Shamans are the most magic resistant class in the game. They also have raised resistances and above-average health. Those interested can check out detailed information about each class on the game's website.

The update fixes more than 100 bugs based on player feedback, introduces Chinese and Japanese languages and the day and night cycle has been extended. An "item comparator" feature has been added, allowing users to compare selected items versus equipped items from the inventory or merchants' shops. The extensive list of updates and fixes can be viewed in full on the game's website.

The patch will automatically download when running Steam. Limbic advises players to create a copy of save files in a separate folder due to the large number of changes the update introduces.

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