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Pocket Trains, Gunner Z and Space Qube - Mobile Watch List

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We've got some mobile games to whet your appetite.

Pocket Trains (iOS / Android)

Ever wanted to master your own railway with an iron fist? Pocket Trains gives you that power. Admittedly it's also extremely similar to Pocket Planes, so if you think you've had your fill of transportation mastery, you may want to look elsewhere.

Gunner Z (iOS)

Damn zombies. Always showing up where they don't belong. Gunner Z places you in the cockpick of a jeep with a machine gun attached to it. Your goal? Well, let's just say it's not to make nice.

Space Qube (iOS)

Space Qube is a top-down shooter that brings to mind Space Invaders, but with a more blocky art style. You can actually craft your own ship using a simple editing too, and you can even print it out with a 3D printer if you're super fancy. The game, unfortunately, is not super interesting, but ship crafters might get a kick out of it.