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ColecoVision retro console games seeking revival via Kickstarter

Retro games publisher and developer Rantmedia Games secured the rights to the ColecoVision arcade console brand and is launching a Kickstarter campaign this morning to port its library of games to modern platforms, the company announced today.

Cardiff-based Rantmedia is asking for $250,000 to complete the project. The studio is collaborating with Coleco Holdings to create a dedicated app that will bring ColecoVision's catalogue to the iTunes App Store and "potentially other platforms," these being dependent on the success of the crowdfunding campaign. The campaign specifically mentions "ambitions" to get the ColecoVision collection on Android, Windows PC, Mac and even the PlayStation Vita.

According to the Kickstarter page, the app will be "a faithful recreation of the original ColecoVision console" that first launched in 1982. In addition to an official ColecoVision compilation of 20 games, a handful of homebrew titles will also be available when the app launches.

Currenly, Rantmedia plans to launch the ColecoVision app with the following titles: Antarctic Adventure, BlackJack/Poker, Bump 'n' Jump, Brain Strainers, Choplifter, Destructor, Fortune Builder, Frenzy, Jumpman, Jumpman Junior, Jungle Hunt, Montezuma's Revenge, Ms. Space Fury, Pepper 2, Space Fury, Super Action Boxing, Super Action Football, Super Action Baseball, Super Action Soccer and Zaxxon.

The original ColecoVision launched in August 1982 and offered players graphics similar to arcade cabinets. The systems was released with 12 launch titles, with an additional 10 games released throughout the rest of that year. Between launch and 1984, 145 titles in ROM cartridges were published for the system.

"We wouldn't be pitching this if we weren't supremely confident we could deliver big time on our vision," reads the page's "Risks" section. "We believe we've covered just about everything to nail this, from the design, development and delivery of the game to the logistics (and costs) of shipping the T-Shirts. We've got the rights and licenses already in place, and we've got track record of delivering this kind of thing successfully."

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