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Portal live-action short film takes a look at GLaDOS' terrifying early days

Warning: Portal spoilers!

Filmmakers Colin and Connor McGuire have recreated one of the most nerve-rattling scenes in Portal's story — GLaDOS' first heinous act against Aperture's scientists.

The film, posted above, is based on the series and its tie-in comic, Portal 2: Lab Rat. In Portal: Survive! the games' mechanical menace tells our heroine a story as she frantically ties to escape the labyrinthine hallways of Aperture. The scene switches to Aperture Labs pre-Chell's testing phase, where we learn a little more about GLaDOS in her first days — including her affinity for the metaphorical cake.

The seven-minute film was shot at the YouTube Space in Los Angeles with a production budget of just under $500. Prop maker Jimmy Burns at Angry Dog Studios is responsible for building the replica of GLaDOS used in the film.

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