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Dark Quest, Zen Accumulator launching on PS Mobile this week

PlayStation Mobile's game library is growing with two new titles this week, Dark Quest and Zen Accumulator, according to the PlayStation Blog.

Dark Quest (screenshot above), from U.K. studio Brain Seal Entertainment, is a fantasy role-playing adventure starring a barbarian who's on a quest to rid the world of evil. It's played from a top-down perspective with turn-based combat, and users can control as many as three characters — a wizard and dwarf are available in addition to the barbarian. Dark Quest costs $4.99; it is already available on iOS, Android, Windows Phone and Xbox Live Indie Games.

Hiive's Zen Accumulator is a relaxing, mathematically oriented puzzle game in which you slide droplets of water on a board to clean up polluted drops. You can check out a gameplay video below. Zen Accumulator costs $3.99.

PlayStation Mobile games run on PlayStation Vita as well as PlayStation-certified Android devices, a full list of which is available here.

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