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Xi3 and Scuf Gaming 'exploring' designs for Piston controller

Xi3, the company behind the Piston console, and custom controller manufacturer Scuf Gaming are teaming up to create controllers optimized for the recently revealed console.

Scuf Gaming was founded in 2010 and creates third-party controllers for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, many of which use customizable buttons and paddles for improved player reaction time. Scuff also sponsors several eSports teams and players, who use its products.

No specifics are available about the controllers that the companies announced they're "exploring."

"Innovative design coupled with customizability — these are two of the core principles applied at Scuf Gaming, qualities that are also very apparent with Xi3 and its Piston console," said Duncan Ironmonger, CEO and co-founder of Scuf Gaming. "The Piston console has built incredible excitement in a very short time frame, and we're very excited to team with Xi3 on this co-development effort."

Xi3 revealed the official Piston in late September. The modular console will be available Nov. 29. Pre-orders are available, beginning at $999.

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