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Report: Sony unbundled PS4 Camera to hit $399 'magic price'

Pressure to keep the price of the PlayStation 4 low — and minimize losses on each system sold — kept the next-generation PlayStation Camera from being bundled with the system, according to a report from Business Spectator. But Sony CEO Andrew House says that may not be the case forever.

Sony attempted at one point to include the camera at the $399 retail price, according to the report, but high-level pressure forced Sony Computer Entertainment to focus on competitive pricing. Sony is already taking a loss on PS4 hardware at launch, which it hopes to recoup through the sale of games, peripherals and PlayStation Plus subscriptions.

The PS4's chief console competitor, Xbox One, will include a Kinect camera sensor in every box, leading to a $100 price difference between the two. Sony plans to sell its PS4 camera separately for $59.99.

House tells Business Spectator that feedback from early adopters indicates they're more interested in traditional control methods over camera-based interactivity. He tells the outlet that Sony may "adjust messaging" with regard to the PlayStation Camera for PS4 in the future.

At launch, Sony plans to release a suite of tech demos, dubbed The Playroom, that shows what its new camera, when paired with a DualShock 4 controller, is capable of.

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