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Papa Sangre 2 is an audio-only horror game narrated by Sean Bean

Papa Sangre 2, a horror-themed audio game developed by Somethin' Else and narrated by actor Sean Bean, is now available from the Apple App Store for iOS devices.

"You don't know if he's your friend, if he's trying to help you, or if he's trying to lead you into a trap or into danger," Bean said of the narrator in an interview with The Verge. "It was a neutral, unbiased, impartial kind of voice, so it was up to the player try to figure out whether I was their friend or not."

The survival horror game is based entirely on sound and players navigate the world by tapping the lower two corners of the iOS device. Trapped in the afterlife of Papa Sangre, players are tasked with gathering memories from the dead in order to get back to the realm of the living. The game features 18 levels where players must run from monsters, avoid traps and shoot ducks.

"The fundamental thing that we love about these games," Paul Bennun, CCO of developer Somethin' Else told The Verge, "is the fact that the graphics card in your head is way better than anything you can get on any computing device."

The original Papa Sangre launched on iOS devices in late 2010 and was re-released with a new engine in April 2013.