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Capcom targeting female gamers with launch of Kiwi & Me this December

Capcom plans on expanding its digital offerings with the launch of several new mobile titles including the upcoming iOS release Kiwi & Me this December, the company announced in its latest operations and strategies results.

Kiwi & Me will release as a puzzle game targeted at the "casual female game player" market, reads a statement from the company. The title is currently being developed by Capcom subsidiary Beeline Interactive and will feature in-game purchases for additional content.

Users attempt to help a baby Kiwi hatch and learn the player's name while searching for its mother. The game features 75 levels made up of block-swapping puzzles similar to Bejeweled.

Capcom additionally plans to introduce a number of native apps to existing brands, including the previously announced Monster Hunter Smart on iOS.

The next level of puzzles.

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