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Outlast Whistleblower DLC is a prequel to the asylum's ruin

The upcoming add-on content for survival horror title Outlast is a prequel in which players step into the shoes of the anonymous tipster who set off the main game's chain of events, developer Red Barrels announced.

In Whistleblower, players will become a new character, the individual who witnessed the horrific experiments that dragged the asylum into ruin, whose hints send reporter Miles Upshur into Mount Massive Asylum. Players will get up close and personal with the abuse and madness plaguing the institution, an encounter that "may be a bit too close for comfort," according to a press statement.

As a prequel to Outlast, Whistleblower will allow players to experience the outbreak within Mount Massive firsthand, as well as explore new environments and encounter new characters as they try to unravel why these things are happening.

Outlast and its soundtrack are currently 33 percent off through the official Red Barrels website. The game is currently slated to launched sometime in the future on PlayStation 4 and is also available now through Steam. Check out Polygon's review here.