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Report: Wii Karaoke U doesn't censor explicit lyrics

Wii Karaoke U does not censor explicit and mature lyrics in its catalogue of songs, reports Nintendo Life.

The outlet reports songs containing explicit wording are unchanged — unlike in other karaoke games like Sony's SingStar or Harmonix' Rock Band — and that the game does not present users with a mature content warning before running them. The only warning is on the loading screen, which states that none of the songs included in the game have been rated by PEGI. Nintendo Life shared images, including the one above, of Wii Karaoke U segments displaying such lyrics.

Players have also taken to Reddit to post screenshots of the game with uncensored curse words displayed on the screen (warning: the linked post contains such an image).

The free demo version of Wii Karaoke U allows one hour of play before it prompts players to purchase content, meaning the demo, and any inappropriate lyrics contained therein, is open to download for all users.

Wii Karaoke U is developed by Japanese studio Joysound, which drew the tracks included in the title from its own song servers. It is unclear whether Nintendo checked these tracks before they were put into the game.

Polygon has reached out to Nintendo to ask if any action will be taken, and will share more details as we receive them. Earlier this week the company pulled online features from its Swapnote app after it discovered users, many of them minors, were sharing inappropriate content.

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