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World of Warcraft: Warlords of Draenor PvP, dungeons detailed

World of Warcraft's upcoming expansion, Warlords of Draenor, will introduce new dungeons, user interface and more, as detailed by several posts on

The game's new PvP zone, announced alongside the expansion, will offer "constantly evolving objectives for participants to take part in." The zone will not include a cap on participating players. As players join the zone, they'll be informed of objectives for the current status of the battle.

"The closer you get to your opponent's base, the more difficult your tasks will become," the post reads. "Objectives will change at a moment's notice based on events within the zone, and you may quickly find yourself switching from offense to rebuilding your fortress and gathering the materials needed to do so. There will also be faction-based vehicles — and some Iron Horde war machines — at your team's disposal."

Players will also be able to queue for Trial of the Gladiator, a system similar to the one used for arena tournaments, that allows you to purchase gear and match skills with other players.

Warlords of Draenor will include three raids: Blackrock Foundry, Highmaul and World Bosses. In addition to six new dungeons, the expansion will also revive the classic Upper Blackrock Spire. Blizzard also plans to bring back max-level "Normal" dungeons, which will "help bridge the gap between level-up quest gear and Heroic dungeons." The new dungeons are as follows:

  • Bloodmaul Slag Mines
  • Blackrock Depot
  • Auchindoun
  • Arakkoa Spires
  • Shadowmoon Burial Grounds
  • Iron Barracks

The expansion will also include updated interface to help players track their inventory and quests. For a more detailed look at the game's UI, check out the full post.

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