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Steam In-Home Streaming beta registrations open

Beta registrations for the Steam In-Home Streaming, the service which allows users to stream games from one machine to another within a household, are now open via the service's group on the Steam Community website.

According to Valve, the service will be open to beta testers "later this year" with beta participants selected at random. Those who are interested in taking part in the beta test are invited to join the Steam group set up to register participants interest.

The in-home streaming service is set to be an integral service complimenting the SteamOS when Valve launches the Linux-based operating system and partnered hardware next year. In October, rudimentary details about the service were revealed in update to the beta version of the Steam client. According to screen caps from the beta Steam client, users will have the ability to optimize the performance of a stream by setting bandwidth and framerate limits, and players can browse streaming sources in Big Picture mode.

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