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Nvidia's GameStream may come to MadCatz' MOJO

MadCatz is in talks with Nvidia to bring GameStream to its Android-based micro-console, the MOJO, MadCatz' Global PR Director Alex Verrey told Engadget.

"We're talking to Nvidia and we hope to enable GameStream soon after the launch of the console," Verrey told Engadget at Expand NY over the weekend.

While Verrey didn't confirm the partnership, according to Joystiq, he did mention that MadCatz is exploring other platforms, saying that the company is "very excited" for Steam and is looking "at all these opportunities with interest."

Revealed during E3 2013 as a high-end alternative to this year's low-cost Android micro-consoles, MadCatz announced in October that the micro-console will be available Dec. 10 for $249.99 the U.S., £219.99 in the U.K. and €249.99 in Europe.

GameStream, which allows streaming of PC games to a mobile gadget, launched on Nvidia's Shield handheld gaming device on Oct. 28. 50 Windows PC games currently support GameStream including Batman: Arkham Origins and Assassin's Creed 4: Black Flag. While GameStream will be available for local PC streaming, Nvidia plans to support cloud gaming services in the "longer-term."

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