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Sega Genesis retrospective book turns to Kickstarter for funding

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Sega Mega Drive/Genesis: Collected Works, a "documentary art book" chronicling the creation and full history of Sega's classic home console and its iconic software, has turned to Kickstarter to seek funding.

The book, which is officially licensed by Sega and is being produced by gaming-centric publishing outlet Read-Only Memory, spans 300 pages, contains over 20 interviews with former Sega team members, and contains art inspired by tons of classic titles from the console. Featured titles include hits like Phantasy Star, Gunstar Heroes and Sonic the Hedgehog, as well as lesser-known games like Vectorman and Rent-a-Hero.

Read-Only Memory, which shipped a biographical art book on developer Sensible Software earlier this year, is seeking £30,000 in Kickstarter funds to cover the book's publishing costs; at the time of this writing, the project is sitting at £11,500. Anyone who donates £30 or more to the project will secure a copy of the book following its release, though donors living outside of the U.K. will have to spend a bit extra on shipping.

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