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Xbox One video gives an overview of the SkyDrive media center

A new video shows Xbox One in action running Microsoft's cloud-powered SkyDrive media center.

The video features Jeff Henshaw, who describes himself as running the "Xbox platform incubation and prototyping team," dissecting SkyDrive and how it works on the new console. Henshaw demonstrates how the Xbox One can take a collection of photos (in this case, pictures depicting his family's carving pumpkins for Halloween) and smoothly turn them into a slideshow. SkyDrive can also use voice commands or a controller to quickly find photos shared by friends; Henshaw opens a series of panoramas and zooms in to them to demonstrate photo scaling.

The rest of the video looks at how SkyDrive can automate things that would otherwise be manual, like creating a slideshow channel made out of a coworker's pictures of an Australian vacation.

SkyDrive is currently available for current Windows devices and will go live on Xbox One on Nov. 22.

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