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Why Diablo 3 isn't getting controller support on PC

Diablo 3's PC incarnation won't receive controller support because the console versions were redesigned to accommodate the new controls, the senior level designer Matthew Berger told Eurogamer.

The camera, interface, enemies and much more on consoles were changed to accommodate the new control scheme for Blizzard Entertainment's action role-playing game. Supporting controllers on the PC version for Mac and Windows would therefore require more than a simple patch.

"It's a bigger issue than just allowing players to use the controller on the PC," Berger said. "Because if I let you use the controller on the PC, then I have to let you use the user interface that goes with it, and if I give you the roll and I haven't throttled the number of enemies attacking you because the mouse-and-keyboard players can handle all those enemies, but with a controller you have too many guys ... The games have really been structured to take advantage of their environment and their ecosystem, so in the same way it would not be a good fit to put a mouse and keyboard on the console. It wouldn't work."

For more on the upcoming PlayStation 4 verson of Diablo 3, its frame rate and the features it will have that other versions won't, be sure to check out Polygon's recent interview with Berger. You can also watch a new trailer for the next-gen console version.

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