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Here's what you need to know for Tuesday, Nov. 12

PS4 launch week: Reviews, interviews and more

Sony's PlayStation 4 event in New York City kicked off today, and we've got you covered. Check out our StoryStream for hands-on previews, interviews, video and more for the arrival of Sony's next-gen console.

The birth of Xbox Live

Features editor Russ Pitts takes us inside the creation of Xbox Live and the world's first broadband-connected game console.

XCOM: Enemy Within Review: Human Sacrifice

We reviewed XCOM: Enemy Within — a title that forced reviewer Russ Pitts out of his comfort zone for the better. According to Pitts, Enemy Within "plays like someone, somewhere kept a list of every minor thing they imagined, while playing Enemy Unknown, would make that game better — and then made those changes."

FTL getting a free expansion, iPad version in early 2014

FTL: Faster Than Light is getting a mess of new features and an iPad port in 2014. The FTL: Advanced Edition downloadable content will be available for free and includes new systems, enemies, augments and more.

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