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Helldivers staging global PlayStation war for humanity

Helldivers is a cross-buy top-down cooperative sci-fi shooter planned for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3 and PS Vita, but there is one endeavor that unites all versions.

Developer Arrowhead Games is planning a global meta-game for the good-humored title, in which all of the world's players attempt to stave off an alien invasion. The game notches up points for every game that is played, and they all contribute to 'The Galactic War.'

"The Galactic War is played out over two months," said Sony San Mateo producer Mark Rogers. "Every game that a player plays counts towards this war which is fought on three fronts against three enemies at the same time."

Every two months, the game is reset. "If the entire community manages to defeat the aliens, the war begins again but this time at a higher difficulty," said Rogers. "There is a dynamic difficulty system for the entire game that is unique to this title. We're planning for it to be global so that people from all regions fight together. It's all of humanity against the aliens, so there are no regions."

The twin-stick shooter is being made by Arrowhead, best known for its popular overhead view fantasy adventure Magicka. No release date has been announced, but Rogers said he expects the game to be ready in the second quarter of 2014.

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