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Reset devs aim to put meat on its sci-fi noir bones with crowdfunding

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The developers of time-traveling puzzle game Reset are turning to crowdfunding site Indiegogo to take the game "to the next level and really start putting meat on the bones."

"Reset is a dream project for us and we decided from the get-go to get it done by just the two of us and without external funding," the Reset Indiegogo page reads. "Now the extremely positive feedback we've gotten has pushed us to up the stakes a bit. We want to make the game even better. We'd also like to get the game out to you guys sooner rather than later."

Theory Interactive Ltd. is seeking at least €68,000 (approximately $90,000) to flesh out the game. The funding will add voice talent and sound effect work, and will enable them to hire or contract an additional developer to help with content creation.

With six hours of gameplay planned, the team are aiming to release the title by the end of 2014 on Windows PCs compliant with DirectX 10.1 or newer. While the developers will focus on bringing the game to Windows PC first, support for Linux, OSX, SteamOS, Xbox One and PlayStation 4 "has been discussed internally."

For more about the sci-fi noir, first-person puzzle game be sure to read our interview with the two-man team of writer/artist Alpo Oksaharju and designer/composer Mikko Kallinen. Released last month, the first gameplay trailer for the title flaunts its moody atmosphere and single-player co-op play.

The next level of puzzles.

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