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League of Legends season 4 world championship to be held in Korea

League of Legends 2014 world championship will take place in South Korea, developer Riot Games announced in a post on the MOBA game's official website.

World championship events see international teams from around the globe competing for millions of dollars in prizes. The first event, held in 2011, took place in Sweden during the annual Dreamhack conference. Both season two and season three world championship events were held in the United States.

"South Korea is widely considered to be a center of eSports and is home to some of the most devoted fans on the planet," reads a statement from the studio. "With a deep eSports heritage, this is an ideal location to follow up the largest esports event to date and showcase the top League of Legends players. At the World Championship, they'll battle it out for the title of world's best."

Prior to this, the 2014 all-star game, an event set to put the best players head-to-head, will take place in Europe. No dates are set in place just yet.

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