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Blizzard looking into four-player Remote Play for Diablo 3 on PS4

Blizzard is looking into the possibility of up to four players participating in Diablo 3 on PlayStation 4 using the Remote Play feature with the PlayStation Vita, senior level designer Matthew Berger told Polygon.

Yesterday, Blizzard's official Twitter account shared a photo of Diablo 3 running on Remote Play. Today, during a PS4 review event, Berger said that the studio posted the photo in response to murmurings from event attendees that the game did not run on the Vita.

"It all started when I misspoke at Blizzcon, it's all my fault," Berger said. "I was explaining something else — I was thinking about second screen play, which is something we haven't really explored for a variety of reasons. So I said, no, it doesn't run on Vita — which is not true!

"What I don't know is if it will work with multiple Vitas," he added. "I have absolutely no idea."

Berger added that Blizzard currently doesn't know if supporting four Vitas at once is technically feasible, and Berger suggested the team is planning to approach Sony to determine if four-player Remote Play is possible.

"I don't know if the PS4 supports more than one Vita in Remote Play," he said. "The Vita is a gorgeous little machine, a really nice little handheld, and it's going to look great on it."

Berger added that Remote Play for Diablo 3 isn't necessarily an addition; Berger thinks of Remote Play more like a standard feature, something that would be unacceptable to remove from Blizzard's game.

"The PS4 supports it, and we would not want to remove something from the player," he said. "It functions — why take it away if the PS4 supports it? We wanted to offer that."

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