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This is what you can do with your voice on PS4 at launch

The PlayStation 4's voice command support will be a bit light initially, but developers say that more support is coming post launch.

At launch the PlayStation 4 will have a set of basic voice commands that will allow players to start games, turn off the system and take screenshots, said Toshi Aoki, part of the PS4 hardware team.

While Aoki couldn't provide a full list he did detail five of the voice commands supported.

When a player says the title of a game while in the PS4's dynamic menu it drops the player into the content info screen for that game, bringing up a game-centric screen for the title.

Players can also say "take a screenshot" to capture a image of the screen instantly. While voice commands can't be used to start a DVR recording yet, Aoki said that the team is currently working on adding that support.

"We are trying that now, but that's not at day one," he said. "It's something planned."

A player can also say "login" and then a select from the listed users, which are each assigned numbers, to login a user.

Finally, a player can say power to drop into the system functions power screen where they can then say to power off the system or go into standby mode.

At launch, third-party apps won't be supported, but Aoki said that the API for voice commands is already in the hands of developers.

"It not supporting third-party apps at launch," he said. "Currently the problem with our API is that it's not really easy for the developers to use so we're talking with the developers to try to make our API easier for them to implement.

"It's a bit of a barrier for them right now. It's available, but right now they're focused on making the launch."

While voice commands can be used in games, Aoiki said, it doesn't appear any launch titles are using that function.

"In theory, you can use voice commands in a game, it just whether or not if the game supports it," he said. "It's just like whether a game supports a touch pad or not."

Aoki added that in implementing voice commands, the team is making sure that a voice command doesn't lead a player into an area that doesn't support voice commands. So, for instance, there are not plans to allow a player to go into the PlayStation Store with a voice command because once there they'd have to pick up the controller anyway.

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