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Dungeons & Dragons Online gets reincarnation options in update 20

The 20th title update to Dungeons & Dragons Online brought a host of changes to Turbine's massively multiplayer online role-playing game, several of which deal with reincarnation.

The MMORPG's reincarnation options include Heroic True Reincarnation, which now allows players to chose between any classes or Iconics available, Iconic True Reincarnation, which is available for those who've hit the level cap playing an Iconic life and Epic Reincarnation, which allows players to retain their Epic Destiny progress. According to the developer, Lesser Reincarnation "remains primarily unchanged" while it absorbed the functionality of Greater Reincarnation.

Other changes dolled out in the update include a reformulation of how much XP will be required to hit level 20 on reincarnated lives as well as the addition of new free quests. You can get all the details on in the official Dungeons & Dragons Online patch notes.

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