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SOE releases PlanetSide 2’s first optimization patch

Sony Online Entertainment released the first patch for its massively multiplayer online shooter, PlanetSide 2, that will allow players a "30 percent improvement in frame rates."

The patch is part of SOE's Operation: Make Faster Game (OMFG), announced in September. Included in the update are FX, animation and general fixes, as well as user interface improvements. According to the patch notes, Amerish sky settings have been shifted 12 hours to provide more sunlight, spawn timers are now the same at 15 seconds, and squad deploy no longer drops players into the center of a base.

"The team will continue to elevate the game's optimization levels, focusing on engineering improvements to the visibility and physics systems for Phase 2 of OMFG," the press release reads.

The full list of patch notes are available via the PlanetSide 2 forums.

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