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Contrast's inclusion in PS4 launch lineup made multiplatform possible, says dev

Compulsion Games' shadow-shifting platforming adventure Contrast was initially destined for Windows PC only until Sony stepped in and asked to feature the game in its PlayStation 4 launch lineup, creative director Guillaume Provost told Polygon.

When Contrast was shown during PAX East 2013, the game had been announced for Windows PC only. In the span of six months, the game went from PC-only to a multiplatform title — and one of the 23 games scheduled to launch alongside the PlayStation 4 on Nov. 15. Provost said the early decision to commit to PC first was because the computer audience was easier to reach.

"We always thought of Contrast as a console title, but the Steam audience was easier to reach," he said. "But then Sony approached us at PAX East and were interested in having Contrast available at the PS4 hardware launch.

"For us it was an opportunity — so we delayed the initial ship date to be able to launch it on multiple platforms," he added. "It also gave us the opportunity to put more polish into the game and create a more solid game experience.

Provost added that although Contrast is not coming to Xbox One "in the immediate future," Compulsion is looking into porting to Microsoft's next-gen console. At Gamescom in August, developer Sam Abbott told us an Xbox One version wasn't ruled out, but that it would take the team some time to get around to it, based on the demands of current hardware plans.