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PlayStation App now available for iOS and Android

Sony Computer Entertainment's PlayStation App for Android and iOS is now available in North America from Google Play and the iTunes App Store.

Compatible with tablets and smartphones, the app allows users to view and interact with the PlayStation Network and view information through the "What's New feature." For instance, players can see what their friends are playing, and accept and send multiplayer invites.

With compatible titles, the PlayStation App offers screen screen functionality via the Connect to PS4 feature. The app will also display PSN Trophy information, feature chat capabilities with friends and offer access to the PlayStation Store. It will also include Twitter and Facebook integration.

The PS4 companion app was first revealed during Sony's Future of PlayStation conference in February. Sony announced the first official PlayStation App for iOS and Android in late 2010. It served as a hub for PlayStation news, PSN information, along with social media integration.

The app is expected to launch in Europe Nov. 22.

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