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GOG discounting 100 games including Fez, System Shock 2 until stock runs out

Starting this morning, will offer up to 80 percent discounts on more than 100 games in its library, including Polytron's Fez and Dennaton Games Hotline Miami, the company announced today.

The Fall Insomnia Promo is a "trans time-zone deal" according to a press statement from GOG. Throughout the day, GOG will put one game on sale at a time in limited numbers. Once copies of the title run out, another game will be offered up for sale. GOG notes that the sale will end when the site "is out of games."

Both current and older titles will be available during the sale. In addition to the above mentioned Fez and Hotline Miami, gamers can grab sci-fi role-playing game System Shock 2, platformer Rayman Origins, Baldur's Gate and turn-based strategy title Sid Meier's Alpha Centauri. will also hold additional game giveaways throughout the duration of the sale. More information on these will be available as they are announced.

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