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Killer Instinct Classic is a port of two arcade versions

Killer Instinct Classic, the arcade version of Rare's fighting game included with the Ultra Edition of Double Helix Games' Killer Instinct reboot, will include two versions of the original arcade ROM, producer Torin Retting told Siliconera.

The two arcade versions represent the original and a later fix.

"In fact it is a complete port of two versions of the Killer Instinct arcade game," Retting said. "It includes the original arcade ROM (v1.4) with all of the classic, fan-favorite glitches, and the revised version (v1.5D) that came out later to fix things like Cinder's infinite combo. In addition to this, we've added cool extras like a training mode, frame effects like scan lines to emulate a CRT and galleries of the original sprites."

For more on the fighting game, which will be released alongside the Xbox One next Friday, Nov. 22, be sure to check out Polygon's in-depth interview with its developers.

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