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See the PS4's Music Unlimited and Video Unlimited apps in action

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Sony's own streaming media apps, Music Unlimited and Video Unlimited, have been redesigned for the PlayStation 4, and the company demonstrated the new apps in a video today.

For both apps, Sony now keeps content you own in a cloud-based library, eliminating the need to download large files. Previously purchased content from the apps on PlayStation 3 and other platforms will soon be added to that cloud library. The apps also include new streaming technology for high-quality audio in Music Unlimited and instant streaming in Video Unlimited.

You can watch a walkthrough of both apps from Mike Aragon, vice president and general manager of Sony's video and music apps, in the video above. The demo also offers some brief glimpses at the PS4's menu interface. Read our stories from Sony's PlayStation 4 event in New York this week for more on Music Unlimited and Video Unlimited, and check out our full review of the console for the complete breakdown.