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New Pikmin 3 DLC coming Dec. 2

A third round of downloadable content for Pikmin 3 is coming on Dec. 2, Nintendo's Bill Trinen announced today in a Nintendo Direct presentation.

The DLC will costs $4.99 and add eight additional stages to Mission Mode — four Collect Treasure stages and four Battle Enemies stages.

In previous rounds of add-on content, new levels were based on stages in Pikmin 3's main Mission and Story modes, with new placements of fruit, traps and enemies. This new round of DLC will include levels that are completely new to the game and feature environments like beaches, the inside of someone's house and a construction site.

There is also a  new stage where players can control Olimar, leader of the Pikmin from Pikmin and Pikmin 2. In some levels players will have to scout out Louie, Olimar's assistant. If players find him and take him back to their base, players will be able to control Louie as well.

The Pikmin 3 DLC will come alongside a software update when it launches in December. Players will receive one Battle Enemies and one Collect Treasure stage for free, both set in the "Fortress of Festivity" environment.

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