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Behind the music of PS Vita yarn Tearaway

Media Molecule's Vita adventure Tearaway is set in an audio world that blends folksy charm with a more edgy beat.

In a new trailer released today, the game's head of audio Kenny Young talks about how his team approached the soundtrack and sound effects. Tearaway is set in a world made of paper and "of stories," according to Young. Its music is inspired by English folk songs and sea shanties, but also incorporates more modern styles.

"We don't want our games to feel like an experience that people have had before," said Young. "Normally when you are working on a handheld title you need to compromise the audio to get it to fit on this small device, but the Vita is such an awesome piece of kit that we didn't really have those restrictions."

The game, from the makers of LittleBigPlanet, is released on Nov. 22, with an all-original soundtrack, which is available via pre-order.