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Actual Sunlight re-released in Unity 3D, available for free

Actual Sunlight, a game about depression, has been re-released with new 3D gameplay. The game is currently available for free while it seeks Steam Greenlight approval.

Will O'Neill's narrative game, about an unhappy man called Evan living a seemingly dead-end life, garnered much press attention when it was originally launched earlier this year. O'Neill, who describes himself as "a writer, more than a coder," originally created the game in RPG Maker but has remade a new version in Unity.

"The content of the game is fundamentally the same, with an identical and unchanged script," O'Neill told Polygon. "The change is to the visual experience, and several cut-scenes have also been augmented in ways that expand a bit on Evan's attempt to deal with this life. I also think that the experience of controlling a model in-game that more much accurately reflects his physique creates a different impression on the player as they move through the game."

He said that his original plan had been to use Unity to create a Mac version. "As I started to recreate the game in a much darker, moodier world, I recognized the potential that it had to connect with players who might have been initially turned off or found too much dissonance in the cutesy, two-dimensional RPG Maker look," he said.

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