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Gone Home and four albums available now as a bundle

A bundle consisting of The Fullbright Company's story exploration title, Gone Home, and four albums of music featured in the game is now available for $25 from the game's official website, Fullbright's Steve Gaynor announced today.

"One of the most exciting things about making Gone Home was getting to work with so many talented musicians," Gaynor wrote. "We got everyone from classic Riot Grrrl bands, to local garage rockers, to our friend Chris Remo’s music into the game, resulting in a really unique sound and feel."

Tracks featured on the downloadable albums include "Calculated" by Heavens to Betsy, "Pottymouth" by Bratmobile, "The Youngins are Hardcore" by The Youngins, and Gone Home's original score, Chris Remo's "GH:OST." Those who have already bought the game can purchase the four albums as a bundle for $15.

The Commentary Mode for Gone Home was made available on Steam as a free update last month. The new mode introduced an hour and a half of behind-the-scenes audio content, allowing players to listen to background information from the game's creators and voice talent. It is expected to also be available on the Mac App Store and Humble Store.

To learn more about Gone Home, be sure to read our review.

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