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Kinect cover offers '100 percent privacy' for Xbox One users

Yet another peripheral manufacturer is releasing a line of Xbox One privacy covers designed for use with the new Kinect, InterWorks Unlimited announced today.

The privacy cover, the first peripheral to be released by the company for Xbox One, features a design that installs around the body of the new Kinect camera to provide a lens cover for privacy protection, an alternative to "unplugging the Kinect power cable everyday," reads a statement from the manufacturer. The cover is also said to protect the camera from dust, fingerprints and scratches.

The Interworks Unlimited Xbox One Privacy Cover will launch for $19.99 at both retail stores and online. This follows last month's announcement of the planned release of an Xbox One Kinect privacy TV mount from peripheral manufacturer PDP, currently available for pre-order for $19.99. Check out our recent interview with the manufacturers of the PDP mount in our report on next-gen privacy.