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Here's how to install a hard drive on the PS4

There are benefits to replacing the PlayStation 4's standard HDD hard drive and swapping it for an solid state drive — such as loading indie launch title Resogun twice as quickly, according to a video from GameSpot.

The video posted above walks PS4 users through the hard drive replacement process, from breaking open the case on Sony's next-gen console to getting the drive in place and installed. The walkthrough includes how to then close up the PS4 again without doing any damage and offers tips for snapping its panels back in place.

While download and installation times were the same when using a HDD and SSD, the loading times were much faster; the video shows Housemarque's Resogun loading in about 10 seconds with an SSD, compared to 20 seconds with an HDD.

Sony's PlayStation 4 will ship with a 500GB hard drive when it launches tomorrow, Nov. 15.

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