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Contrast launch trailer introduces a world of shadows

A launch trailer for Compulsion Games' Contrast sets up the story with a young girl who misses her father and her imaginary shadow-shifting friend.

Didi's father left her and her mother some time ago, and she longs for his return. Her companion in the meantime is her possibly-imaginary friend Dawn, a vaudevillian performer with the ability to shift into shadows. The trailer demonstrates how Dawn's shadow-jumping platforming works while those same shadows are shown as adult situations interpreted by a child.

Contrast launches as a free title on PlayStation 4 for PlayStation Network Plus subscribers on Nov. 15, when it will also be launching on Xbox 360 and Windows PC. It hits PlayStation 3 on Nov. 19.

In Polygon's review, we found that Contrast was occasionally artistic and even touching and profound, but it was hamstrung by clunky mechanics, poor level design and buggy gameplay.