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Tearaway offers a touching trailer

A new trailer for Media Molecule's Vita adventure Tearaway shows how the game makes use of the handheld device's many input and control functions.

The game, set in a world made of paper, makes use of traditional controls as well as motion and touch, including the ability to poke a finger through the back of the screen, seemingly into the game world.

"The whole concept of Tearaway was built around the Vita," said Matt Willis, gameplay and audio programmer. "Instead of making these things gimmicks we are using them in ways that are intuitive and interesting to the players."

"We've got a game that acknowledges the player and so we want to acknowledge all these forms of input," said gameplay programmer Omar Cormut. "The game uses the back-touch, the front-touch, the microphone, the gyro, and always used in a way that makes sense with the story."

Media Molecule released a separate trailer for Tearaway yesterday, focusing on its audio effects and soundtracks.