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Titanfall Collector's Edition statue detailed in new trailer

Titanfall's Collector's Edition costs a weighty $249.99, but it does come with a large statue, that's far more impressive than the usual fare.

Respawn today released a video taking an intimate look at the 20-inch statue, which portrays a Titan robot with a soldier on its back and various other "grunts" on the ground.

"The focus of the Collector's Edition was to make sure that we are capturing the essence of Titanfall," said lead artist Joel Emslie. "It is not a static game. It's a dynamic game where things are always in motion so we've got this really crazy pose where the Titan is in mid-run."

The battery-operated statue features ID lights and each model is individually numbered. Titanfall will be launched in March for Xbox One, Xbox 360 and Windows PC.

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