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X Rebirth's launch trailer is a romantic tale of grungy spaceports and epic ships

The launch trailer for Egosoft's space sim, X Rebirth, highlights the game's major features, from epic neon-lit space frigates to cyberpunk-like space stations to gleaming interiors of spacecraft.

The video also shows another snippet of X Rebirth's space combat, which offers everything from one-on-one dogfights up to space battles involving whole fleets. Pilots can fight for the military, become a pirate, work for the police or be a pacifist and fight only when necessary.

The space sandbox title also lets the player explore detailed cities and land on the buildings, as highlighted in a previous developer diary. Users can explore the interiors of structures, to the extent of crawling through repair ducts.

The game also includes two types of trading. A player can either trade from port to port in small quantities using their own ship or trade in bulk quantities using a fleet of cargo ships.

As highlighted in a previous video, players can effectively explore the universe for salvaging opportunities using a craft's long range scanner, which can detect small objects from a long distance.

The space sim will launch Nov. 15 in Europe and Nov. 19 in North America for Windows PC.

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