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The next Uncharted is coming to PlayStation 4

Michael McWhertor is a journalist with more than 17 years of experience covering video games, technology, movies, TV, and entertainment.

The next entry in Naughty Dog's Uncharted series is coming to PlayStation 4, Sony announced on the eve of the next-gen console's launch.

A teaser trailer featuring narration provided by an unfamiliar voice and a camera panning across a map of the southern tip of Africa and toward Madagascar — and the title Uncharted — was all that Naughty Dog would reveal. Naughty Dog's Evan Wells wouldn't confirm whether or not series protagonist Nathan Drake would return, but the company's co-president said the teaser might contain a few clues about the game.

Co-president Christophe Balestra said the next Uncharted will continue to push the storytelling and performance capture the series is known for, as well as bring about a big graphical leap on PS4.

In a post on the PlayStation blog, Naughty Dog community strategist Arne Meyer confirmed game director Justin Richmond and creative director Amy Hennig are working on the game.

"Our goal is to continue what we've done in previous console generations and once again deliver the best in storytelling, performance capture, technical innovation and graphics on the PS4," Meyer wrote. "We can confirm that the voiceover is performed by Todd Stashwick and he will play a character in the game."

You can watch the first Uncharted for PlayStation 4 teaser video below in an attempt to unearth your own clues about Naughty Dog's next-gen foray.