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Infamous: Second Son to launch on March 21, 2014

PlayStation 4 exclusive Infamous: Second Son will be released in North America on March 21, 2014, it was announced today during Sony's launch event for the PlayStation 4.

The open-world action-adventure game developed by Sucker Punch Studios is the third main entry in the Infamous series. Set seven years after the events of Infamous 2 in Seattle, Washington, players control graffiti artist Delsin Rowe, whose life is changed when his conduit abilities are awakened and he finds himself with super-human powers.

The game was originally slated to launch in February 2014.

The most recent trailer for the game that highlights Delsin's neon-based powers can be viewed below.

On the PlayStation blog, lead designer Jaime Griesemer describes what Delsin's second super power is all about.

"Smoke is great. But Neon is clean and streamlined," Griesemer said. "You're basically firing lasers out of your hands, so you're a natural sniper. With Neon, combat is all about precision from a distance. Each shot hits hard, especially if you're targeting the enemy's weak points. Neon lets you dissect a squad of Dupes like a glowing purple surgeon."

Polygon's deep-dive into Sucker Punch's ambitious foray into next-gen game development can be read here. Our tour of the studio, in which the development team explained how they tried to create a hyper-real Seattle in the game, can be read here.

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