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Sony's Magic Lab partners with NASA to bring space exploration to PS4

The future of the PlayStation 4 could include space exploration with NASA and player eye-tracking, according to Richard Marks of Sony's Magic Lab R&D unit.

Speaking during the launch event for the PlayStation 4, Marks introduced Magic Lab as a research unit dedicated to prototyping hardware and other technologies for the PS4. The Lab has been responsible for the PlayStation Move motion controller, the PlayStation's EyeToy camera and most recently the PS4's DualShock 4 controller. Marks revealed that the Lab is currently looking into player eye-tracking technology that could allow players to use eye movements to steer a game's camera, to use it as an aiming mechanism or to use it as a selection mechanism.

Marks also revealed that Magic Lab has a partnership with NASA and JPL-Caltech to look into how the PS4 and be used to help players feel like they're exploring space with NASA.

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