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InSomnia Kickstarter canceled, will relaunch in January

The Kickstarter for Studio Mono's tactical cooperative role-playing game InSomnia has been canceled, according to the last post on the campaign page.

In the post, the developers noted that the reason for the cancelation was because of the campaign not attracting many backers — which Studio Mono is chalking up to a failure on its part at clearly explaining what kind of game InSomnia is.

"We have received great feedback and support for the project (and a massive thank-you to everyone that has already backed us), but it soon became apparent based on that feedback that there were key components in our campaign that we had overlooked, that we needed to reveal a lot more about certain aspects of the game and to ultimately provide a much better explanation of what InSomnia is and what it is not," reads the post.

The Kickstarter page explains the game as a role-playing game with "online elements," but not a massively multiplayer online RPG. The game is set in a dark "retro-futuristic" world with a dieselpunk style and encourages players to stick together when engaging in combat and exploring. The campaign launched on Nov. 5, but in 10 days only managed to net $5,162 of its $70,000 goal.

"For example, a lot of people took from the Kickstarter page that is some sort of modern MMORPG, which is not the case. This was obviously our fault. So, based on this we have taken the difficult decision to bring the campaign to a halt."

The post notes that "this isn't the end of InSomnia," and Studio Mono will spend the next few months focusing on copywriting and further developing the game's ideas. The studio pans to relaunch the campaign at the end of January.

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